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I currently work in the 10gen EMEA, the makers of the open-source database MongoDB. As one of the first members of the tech team in EMEA, I am helping set up the 10gen presence, mentoring younger staff, ensuring our customers get the most from MongoDB and of course designing, testing and implementing our new security features.

Previou to 10gen, I worked for Citrix, where I was the Principal Networking TRM for EMEA. This work involved everything from layer 2 to layer 7 as well as some substantial work at layer 8, massaging egos and keeping customers happy!

I am GSE #44 which, after the two-day lab in Orlando, felt very cool but also a bit of a relief!!

My pet project is HackEire, Ireland's first "Capture The Flag" contest and I am a founding member of IRISS-CERT, Ireland's first CSIRT, though can no longer help out there as much as I'd like. Additionally, I try to contribute to the excellent Security Onion (articles on this blog & Hackeire)  and I work with GIAC on their exams for SANS courses.

If you'd like to talk to me on a professional basis, my company Kybeire can be contacted at "info AT kybeire DOT com".

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