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The Security Path

Background In 2023, I bought The Good Parts of AWS by Daniel Vassallo and started learning about the Small Bets community he’d founded, and subsequently joined (you can join here ). Daniel has posted extensively about his thoughts on a full-time 9-5 job and I won’t repeat them here (you can follow him or Louie Bacaj on Twitter for many well thought-out posts on taking small bets as an indie hacker/solopreneur). I’m not active in the Small Bets community, more of a lurker who reads the messages later and watches the videos as recordings (fyi, there’s excellent classes every month with people who are creating/publishing/hacking and having successes, see the public calendar here ). Having joined the community, it got me thinking about what creative things I could do in my personal time to give me some fun challenges outside of work. Having been constantly asked by fellow parents on things like: - How do you control screen time? - Can my kid play “Call of Duty”? Should they? ( hint : i