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SecurityOnion on a netbook with port mirroring on WRT54g

So firstly, this quick blog post is for Scott Runnels as he asked for it, I suppose that's what you get for saying you'll help out on an open source project :) All good! I'd a spare Dell netbook (8gb disk, 2gb ram & 1.6gb Intel Atom CPU) lying around so I figured I'd see if I could try running Security Onion off it.

WAF versus DPI Firewall

This is a question, I've frequently been asked in recent years and in the last month, o n one of the internal mailing lists, in my old company, the following question was posted – In simple terms, what tasks is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) able to do that a Deep Inspection Firewall can't and why ? by one of my colleagues. Many of you may be surprised (I know I was initially) but this question still comes up an awful lot. Having answered the email (as a warning, I went into a lot of detail and plugged the awesome Security Onion ), I was requested to write a technical blog on the subject, but as I left the company soon after, the blog was never published. Therefore, to save me answering the question again, I thought I’d publish it so I can just reference the link in future J