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MongoDB London 2013

I'm just back from a superb (or in "American" : super exciting) MongoDB London conference. I've been told there were over 500 attendees and as you can see below, the venue was sweet :) I have uploaded my slides to SpeakerDeck, I'm no longer using Slideshare as a repository for my presentations (I just don't think it's as good visually or in terms of a usage experience). Using the MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS) Securing your MongoDB Implementation Thankfully the two presentations went well and I received great feedback (hey @rozza, no yellow discs buddy - yellow discs indicated a sub-par presentation, blue = good and green = excellent :) ). More importantly, there was no "Black Screen of Death" on the MBP unlike at IrissCon ! Please have a look at the slides and if there are any questions or mistakes, please let me know. Thanks to the whole 10gen team (especially the community folk) for organising such an awesome event and more i