Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eurotash GSE

So I'd the pleasure of talking with Chris John Riley, from Eurotrash, on the night of Sunday, July 1st (yes, Chris isn't a football fan so I good-heartedly missed the half-time discussion of Spain's titi-taka brillance).

Chris wanted to chat with me about my experience sitting the GIAC GSE exam and lab earlier this year.

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Chris and I hope it's not too painful listening to me on the podcast. I don't know much but what I would say is stay hydrated, eat as well as you can, prepare

Source: http://matchphrases.com/images/large/legends3.jpg
properly and have fun!! There's a reason that the GSE has a low pass rate, so going in relaxed makes a huge difference.

Enjoy the podcast and if you've any questions on the GSE, just shout :)

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